Gas Burners

DU Upshot and DA Inshot Burners
Rugged cast iron adjustable venturi - places the flame in optimum location for oil furnaces. Readily removable pilot, flame spreader and pilot lighter. Durable pre-drilled steel mounting flange - for easy mounting. Optional adjustable orifice available - Gas saver model pilot light is on only during heating cycle. Optional collar flange reduces tube length.

DSPT Economy Upshot Burner
Adjustable venturi length and height - places flame in optimum location for virtually all coal furnaces or boilers. Rugged cast iron flame spreader. Extremely compact design - fits where other burners will not. Trim plate mounting for ease of installation. Optional adjustable orifice, extra length riser available. Gas saver model available - pilot light is on only during heating cycle.

DHP - Spacesaver Power Burner
Compact Design - Saves Space - Adjustable Orifice
Fits the smallest enclosures. Easily accessible air and firing rate adjustment. Completely factory wired with motor, transformer, and terminal block mounting on slide out chassis. Slide out gas valve and manifold. Rugged steel mounting flange, 5" or 8" extension sleeve optional. Constant or intermittent pilot.

D2T - Power Gas Burner
With capacities up to 850,000 BTUs, the G2T features 4" diameter blast tube, spark ignition - no pilot, fits the smallest enclosures, fires in to small combustion chambers with increased efficiency, easily accessible air and firing rate adjustment and much more.